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CAE-2725TC LH Tire Changer with Manual Lock Swing Arm, Bead Blaster, (110V/60HZ/1PH) with Left Assist Arm

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CAE 2725LH Tire Changer with Bead Blaster, Electric/Pneumatic Wheel Clamp (with tank integration), (110V/60HZ/1PH) with Left Assist Arm

The Canadian Auto Equipment CAE-2725TC includes a bead seating system capable of blasting a powerful burst of air between the tire and rim to seat those stubborn beads quickly!  It also boasts 3 positions jaw clamps and a swing arm.

  • Swing horizontal arm with Ø41mm hexagon shaft.
  • Mechanical locking and vertical adjustment of mounting arm.
  • Tools head with interchangeable plastic inserts for rim protection.
  • Self-centering four-jaws with double pneumatic cylinder for secure clamping of all rim types.
  • Powerful clamping cylinders provide uniform clamping pressure.
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the turntable through electric motor.
  • The pedal assembly can be removed allowing easy servicing.
  • Tire inflation unit mounted on column with inflation tube, pressure gauge and pressure release button Protection kit for bead breaker shoe, demounting head and clamping jaw comes standard.
  • Complete with lubrication filter and pressure regulator.
  • Integrated bead blasting tank.
  • Includes Left Assist Arm
Model CAE-2725TC LH


Steel, Aluminum, Alloy

External Locking Rim Dimension


Internal Locking Rim Dimension




Maximum tire diameter


Operating voltage

110V 1Ph, 15Amps

Maximum wheel width (Bead Breaker)


Air pressure

100 - 140 psi

Maximum Inlet Pressure not to exceed

140 PSI*

Shipping weight

640 LB. (Crate l.48"xw.36"xh.54)

Table Motor

1 HP

Bead breaker

Pneumatic, 5,900 LB. force

Oiler, filter, regulator


Soap dispenser



1 yr. limited

4 Black plastic rim protectors


*Inlet pressure is the amount of air pressure that your air compressor is supplying.

Optional Accessories:

Benefits of owning a tire changer and wheel balancer

Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers are two fundamental pieces of equipment any auto repair shop or personal garage for that person who would like to be able to change and balance their own tires.  Tire changers remove tires from wheels in an effective manner while Wheel balancers help keep the weight of the wheel evenly distributed. Investing in both of these machines can be quite beneficial mainly because you can save yourself some money by doing it yourself or your shop can offer many other services just by having a tire changer and wheel balancer among your garage equipment tools. 

Now that you have a sense of how much you can potentially earn, Canadian Auto Equipment’s tire changer and wheel balancer combo can be purchased at a fraction of the price of brands.  At that price, you really can’t afford to NOT offer wheel services.

As repair shop owners we should always be innovating and looking for ways to garner new clients. If you think you don’t have room for a tire changer and a wheel balancer combo or think you can’t afford them, be aware that your customers come to you because they know you do a good job. Why not show them your wheel services are also unsurpassed with a tire changer and wheel balancer from Canadian Auto Equipment.

Tire Changer Left Hand Assist Arm in Action

Tire Changer Left Hand Assist Arm Installation Video

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