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Garage Heaters - Infrared


A very warm welcome to our CSA-certified Canadian-made CALCANA Infrared Garage Heaters.  Our energy-efficient infrared heaters are a great addition to any shop or garage.   Our infrared heaters are “smart and efficient” and consume 30-40% less energy than conventional forced air heating systems and/or electric heaters.

Infrared (radiant) gas heating is better for the environment and saves you money in the process.  The efficiency comes mainly from heating the surroundings – floors, walls, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and vehicles.  Rooms located above or adjacent to a heated garage receive the added benefit and feel warmer and more comfortable. 

The quiet and draft-free operation is perfect to extend the use of your garage into the winter months, hence more time to work on your hobbies, home-based business or just keeping the pets happy.  These heaters are Certified for Indoor and Outdoor applications and are easy to install.  Venting is preferred through a side wall vent kit, but roof venting is also available.  The slim and narrow dimensions allow for low clearance to combustible requirements.   These heaters are flexible as various lengths and configurations are available.  CALCANA Infrared Heaters are CSA Certified and made of high-quality stainless steel construction, and in combination with workmanship, they eliminate metal fatigue and reflector warping or separation.   There are no pilot lights to ignite by hand, no valves to turn, and no thermocouples to replace.  These infrared heaters use a 3-Try - direct spark – electronic - 100% safety shut-off ignition system, these heaters safely and consistently operate in all types of conditions.

These infrared heaters are available in both Natural Gas or Propane versions and inputs from 40,000 to 75,000 BTU/hr.  Room size determines the model required.  Just contact our professional and dedicated Customer Care team at Canadian Auto and we’ll help you choose the best-fit model for your application.

Because of many different applications and size requirements, we primarily stock and offer these Infrared Garage Heaters in 6x versions. 

 The CAL-40A NG natural gas is our most popular model as it best fits a standard 2 car garage (168-624 sq ft.  This is a 40,000 BTU/hr. model where the reflector measures 10’ in length.

The next size is the CAL-50A NG natural gas, where the reflector length is 15’ and requires about 650-864 sq ft., a 3 car garage may require this 50,000 BTU/hr. model.

If you have approximately 972-1600 sq ft., then the 75,000 BTU, hr., 20’ reflector length of the CAL-75A NG natural gas, maybe your heater of choice.  This heater will use a 20’ length of reflector, but this heater can be modified by installing a 90-degree elbow and reducing the reflector lengths to 10’ of reflector length on each of the 2 walls.    

If Propane Gas is your fuel of choice over Natural Gas, then the CAL-40A LPG, the CAL-50A LPG and the CAL-75A LPG would substitute as the other parameters remain the same.

We can accommodate other configurations for larger shops, garages, and other commercial space applications, but these models become a part of our custom ordering system and we encourage you to contact our Customer Care team at Canadian Auto and we’ll help you choose the best-fit model for your application and requirements.