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Tire Changer FAQ's

Where can I find my manual, or warranty information? 

CAE-2676   CAE_2633TC Manual.pdf
CAE-2633 CAE_2633TC Manual.pdf
CAE-2219 CAE_2219TC Manual.pdf

Do I need to buy the assist arms to change tires? 

Many of the current tires today have extremely stiff sidewalls. Customers can use the "palm pressure" of several employees to push down the bead on a rotating tire to help mount or demount a stiff sidewall tire, but this is not recommended.

Assist arms are a more efficient solution. Our Canadian Auto Equipment® tire changers will mount and dismount almost all wheel/tire combinations if the sidewall can be pushed towards the center of the rim. Our Canadian Auto Equipment® air powered assist arms help to push the top sidewall down or lift the bottom sidewall up. If the sidewall is not helped toward the center of the rim, the tire bead will press against the lip of the rim and the motor will stall when the tire tool becomes jammed, allowing for the rim to become scratched.

If you are doing any thick ply sidewall skid steer tires, then assist arms are highly recommended.

What are the range of wheel sizes I can change with my tire changer? 

The outside clamping range of a tire changer will need to be 2” or larger than the rim size that you are servicing. Our large rim adapter, motorcycle adapter, and ATV adapters can help alter that clamping range. The large rim adapter and motorcycle adapter sets increase the outside clamping range of our tire changers, while the ATV adapters decrease the outside clamping range. 

How does the tire changer hold the rim in place? 

Steel automotive and truck wheels are clamped onto the wheel clamp tire changer using the inside clamping method. Decorative wheels are clamped onto the wheel clamp tire changer using the outside clamping method. To avoid rim damage, all our tire changers come with a set of plastic jaw protectors. If you shop is doing a lot of decorative rims or drop center rims, then you may want to consider a center post adapter, to avoid rim damage. 

Do you include a tire tool with my purchase of a tire changer? 

Yes, each tire changer comes with a tire tool.