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4 Post Lift FAQ's

What are the differences between the types of 4 post lifts?


8000SD 4 Post Lift

8000ET 4 Post Extra Tall Lift

8000ETL 4 Post Extra Tall & Long Lift

Lifting Height (Top of Runway)


84 ½”

84 ½”

Clearance (Under runways @ Top Lock)

67 1/2”



Length (with approach ramps)

207 ½”

207 ½”


Length (without approach ramps)

175 ½”

175 ½”


Width (without motor)

104 3/8”

104 3/8”


Width (with motor)



116 ½”

Height of Columns


98 ½”

98 ½”

Clearance between columns

94 ½”

94 3/8”


Where can I find my manual, or warranty information? 

CAE-8000SD CAE-8000 SD_Manual.pdf
CAE-8000ET CAE-8000 ET_Manual.pdf
CAE-8000ETL CAE-8000 ETL_Manual.pdf
CAE-6000PSL 6000PSL Manual.pdf

My Lift has arrived, what is next?

Click Here For PDF Guide.

What type of hydraulic oil do I use?

 Hydraulic fluid is the only recommended fluid/oil for your lift. AW 32 or AW 46 is the proper type of oil recommended by the lift manufacturer. Synthetic oil, automatic transmission fluid, and other substitutes are not recommended.

How much hydraulic oil will I need?

 On average, you will need 3-3 ½ gallons of hydraulic fluid.  You can find fluid at most part stores, or home improvement locations.  

Can I mount the power unit (motor) to any column?

 Yes and No.  Our lift will have one column with a mounting bracket which is intended to mount the power unit to.  Ask you customer service representative about other mounting options.

Does my garage need to be heated?

No your garage does not have to be heated but keep in mind that the hydraulic fluid in colder weather will move slower due to its increased viscosity.

How much weight will the jack tray hold?

 A jack tray will support half of the weight capacity of the lift.

Does my 4 post lift come with anchor bolts?

We do not include anchor bolts with our four post lifts simply because not every user wants to anchor their lift.  If you require anchor bolts, please contact us to purchase separately.

Do you offer installation on lifts?

Please contact one of our customer service team members and they will advise you on if we offer installation in your area, or an alternative solution. 

What gauge of steel is used for my 4-post lift?

6-Gauge Steel. 

Can I have my lift delivered to my residential address?

Please contact our customer service team to discuss delivery to a residential address. The weight of the lifts, and the difficulty removing them from a freight vehicle can be quite challenging, and certain parameters must be met. 

Are drip trays, jack trays and caster kits included with my lift?

Drip trays are included with each lift.  We make the jack tray or caster kit optional.  If you wish to add those accessories our customer service team will be happy to assist you.