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Wheel Balancer FAQ's

Where can I find my manual, or warranty information? 

CAE-3036WB   CAE-3016WB_CAE-3036WB Manual.pdf
CAE-3016WB CAE-3016WB_CAE-3036WB Manual.pdf
CAE-5039WB CAE-5039WB manual.pdf

Do I have to calibrate my balancer when it arrives?

No, all our balancers come calibrated from the factory.  There are only certain instances that require re-calibration.  Please see the manual for those specific situations or contact our support team.

How do I calibrate my machine? 

Depending on the balancer model the steps may be different or unique to that balancer.  Please refer to your manual for specific calibration instruction

Does my balancer have to be bolted to the ground?

Yes, for your balancer to operate at its optimum, there must be minimal vibration for every wheel balancer.

Are there cones included with my balancer?

Yes, each balancer comes with 4 cones and other accessories.

Do I need a larger adapter for larger tires?

If you are looking to balance larger tires, or truck tires, you will need to purchase the truck adapter kit so that the cone size can properly mount your tire to the machine.