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CAE Tire Changer Left Hand Assist Arm

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The Canadian Auto Equipment Left Hand Assist Arm for the CAE-2219TC or the CAE-2633TC or CAE-2676TC.

The pneumatic powered LH assist arm is a must have accessory to mount and demount many of the stiff sidewall tires or low profile tires on today's vehicles. The assist arm provides robotic power, allowing the operator to keep both hands free during the tire changing operation. The disc and rotating press arm exert an enormous amount of pressure on the sidewall of the tire so the operator can mount or demount a stiff sidewall tire.

The pneumatic power cylinder produces sufficient power to allow the properly positioned pressure disc to exert both upward and downward pressure (depending if you are mounting or demounting) on the sidewall of the tire. You must exert enough (upward or downward) pressure on the tire's sidewall to effectively move the bead of the tire close to thecenter of the rim.  The lifting disc exerts an enormous amount of controlled pressure to gently force the lower bead up so that the tire can be removed.T

The CAE LH assist arm may be purchased at the same time you purchase your CAE-2219TC OR CAE-2633TC tire changer, or you can purchase a tire changer now; and add the CAE LH assist arm at a later date.

    • Shipping Weight: 160 LBS.
    • Shipping Dimension:  48"x 36"x 12"

Tire Changer Left Hand Assist Arm in Action

Tire Changer Left Hand Assist Arm Installation Video

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