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4 Post Lifts

Our 4 Post parking lifts are a great addition to any residential garage.  From sports car enthusiasts or motorbike road warriors to someone just looking for extra garage storage space, these high quality, affordable and versatile 4 Post Lifts are a great addition to accommodate your garage storage dilemma.    

At first glance, a lift may appear daunting to use, given its size and weight.  But these heavy-duty, steel-constructed lifts, fitted with a proven hydraulic system, high-quality cables and a single point lock release system are super easy to use.  This system allows you to release all the safety locks at one time.  Our 4 Post parking lifts DO NOT need to be anchored to the floor.  There are anchoring holes in the column bases to anchor the lift if you want to.  If you are using the lift more often, such as several times per day, it is our recommendation to perhaps anchoring or lagging the lift down as anchoring the lift will prevent the lift from “walking.”  Just ask us how as we look forward to the opportunity to prove to you that the professional, dedicated Customer Care team at Canadian Auto is ready to deliver.