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CAE-9KFP 9000lb 2 Post Floor Plate Lift

MSRP: C$3,495.00
(You save C$500.00 )
Norton Etrust Accredited Business

The Canadian Auto Equipment 2 Post Automotive Lift CAE-9KFP (9000lb 2 Post Floor Plate) offers automatic arm restraints, dual hydraulic chain-drive cylinders, and symmetrical arms. Our 2 Post lift has a 2 stage arm, and a Secondary Lock System (SLS) that automatically activates in the event of a slack or broken chain. 

Other unique features of the Canadian Auto Equipment 2 Post Automotive Lift CAE9KFP (9000lb 2 Post Floor Plate) are:

  • 9000lb Capacity
  • Two Stage Arms (Symmetric Arm Configuration)
  • Controlled Power Pack with UP Button and Manual lowering valve Handle
  • Drop-in type lifting pad with adaptor with screw pads.
  • Automatic arm locking during lifting & automatic unlocking when lift reaches the ground. 
  • Dual Point Lock Release 
  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Designed for Low ceiling clearance
  • Dual Hydaulic Chain-Drive Cylinders
  • C-Type enclosed arm holder gives more strength and stability 
  • Anti-Collision door protection rubber on the carriages. 
  • Easy 2 person install 
Model CAE-9KFP (9000LB 2 Post Floor Plate Lift)  


9,000 LB  

Shipping Weight

1400 LB  

Oil requirements

3-5 Gallons AW32  

Power unit - Motor

220 Volt  

Maximum Lifting Height

74 4/5" 6' 2" 

Overall Height 

111 - 1/3" 9' 3 1/2"

Overall Width

134 1/2" 11' 2 1/2"

Width Between Posts 

110" 9'2"

Maximum Lift Height

80 3/4"  
Minimum Pad Height 4"  
Lifting Time 55 Sec. / 45 Sec.   

Motor Power

2HP, 220v, 1PH  

Power Supply 



**Color subject to change without notice**

Benefits of owning a 2 post car lift

You now have the ability to maintain your exotic, or classic car safely and easily without having to pay pesky shop fees. Additionally, the low column height makes this the perfect lift for most residential garages. The 9000lb capacity and 115 3/4" drive thru width allows you to  easily and safely lift and work on the majority of passenger vehicles, making this lift the perfect fit for all. Our two post lift offers a dual lock safety system, combined with a ladder lock design for optimum safety and security. 

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