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Features of the Standard CAE 4 Post Storage Lift (CAE-8000 SD)

New Style Lock Ladder Design

MECHANIC SPECIAL: This lift has a twisted upfront column that needs to be re-adjusted. There are also small cosmetic scrathes on the ruunways. 

The Standard Canadian Auto Equipment 4 Post Storage Lift has the new lock ladder system. We believe that this locking system is the safest locking system for any four post lift. The lock ladder system also provides a multiple number of runway locking positions.  Older versions of four post lifts were welded locks which you could not adjusted.  The lock ladder is adjustable inside the column to achieve proper runway height.  

Other unique features of the Standard CAE 4 Post Storage Lift (CAE-8000 SD) are:

  • Two position locking mechanism;
  • Flow Restrictor valve;
  • Grease fittings;
  • Easy roll caster wheel kit (optional);
  • Jack Tray (optional);
  • Single point lock release;
  • Anchoring not required*;
  • Does not include Drip Trays 

*If the CAE 4 Post Storage Lift is not anchored to the floor the lift could have some movement.  This movement does not compromise the stability or integrity of the lift itself.


Model CAE-8000 SD (8000LB 4 Post Standard)  


8,000 LB  

Shipping Weight

1720 LB  

Oil requirements

3-5 Gallons AW32  

Power unit - Motor

110 Volt  

Lifting Height (top of runway)

72" 6'

Clearance (under runways @ top  lock)

67 1/2" 5' 7 1/2"

Length (w Approach Ramps) - overall

207 1/2" 17' 3 1/2 "

Length (w/o Approach Ramps) - overall

175 1/2"  14' 7 1/2"

Width (w/o Motor)

104 3/8" 8' 8 3/8"

Width (w Motor)

114"  9' 6"

Height of column

83"  6' 11"

Approach Ramps

36 3/4" 3' 3/4"

Runway width

18 1/4"  1' 5"

Runway length

165 1/2"  (13' 9 1/2 ")

Thickness of runway

4 ½"  

Distance between runways

37 3/8"  

Size of Column

6 1/4" x 3 3/8"  

Clearance Between Columns

94 1/2" 7' 10 1/2"

Length Between Columns

157 1/2"  13' 1 1/2"

Column base

9 5/8"x 11 1/2"  

Drive thru (outside to outside of tire)

80 1/2"  

Cable Diameter


Gauge Of Steel

6 Gauge (.1875"/ 3/16" / 4.75mm)  

Locking heights/positions (+/- 2")



Benefits of owning a 4 post car lift

Four post lift can be portable, most come with an optional caster kit.  The 4 post lift can also be permanently anchored to the floor if you prefer.  A four post lift from Canadian Auto Equipment will include drip Trays to protect the vehicle below from any liquid or debris from the vehicle above.  We also have an option Jack Tray for all four post lifts for the consumer who would like to use a bottle jack to service their vehicle while on the lift.  A four post lift generally features a 110 volt motor which does not require special wiring to install. 

A four post lift makes it much easier to load and position the vehicle. The runways of the four post lift make it easy for the operator to just drive onto the lift. There is no need (as on a two post lift) to get out of the car, kneel down, and correctly position the arms to ensure that the vehicle will be lifted evenly.  Extremely low ground clearance vehicles are much easier to load on a four post lift.



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